India-china talks continue, but still no results | India-China border dispute without crisis; There is no solution in the negotiations



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NEW DELHI: After a while, the border dispute between India and China has again intensified. Satellite images of China making some decisive moves at the airbase near Ladakh have already been released. The pictures show that China is making huge strides in the airspace, which is just 200 kilometers from Lake Pangong. It is located in the vicinity of the Indo-Chinese troops.

Though the two countries are in talks, the presence of Indian and Chinese troops on one side of the border has increased the possibility of conflict. IndiaToday reports that there have been encounters at some point. Sources from India Today report that since the first week of May, several consultations between commanders and brigadiers have failed, and that major general-level talks will soon be held to find solutions.


China is carrying out a large-scale military drive to the border. Large military vehicles and artillery are being brought here. It is estimated that China has a military force of over 5,000. In this case, India is sending more troops from different places to Ladakh region. Sources told India Today that Indian soldiers were not allowed to travel in any direction on Indian soil.

The Chinese soldiers were intent on infiltrating further parts of India. But in many areas, India has been able to control its movements by deploying its forces in a timely manner. China has not accepted India’s opposition to its actions or backed down.

China opposes the development of Indian military infrastructure in the eastern Ladakh region. In particular, China is opposed to Indian moves in the DBO region near Karakoram, where the two countries are starting to have a logistical relationship. But India is also keeping a close watch on this border.

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