india china ladakh border: frontier provocation India – India deployed more and more along the ladakh border following continuous provocation


Indo- China has been continuously provoking the past few days in the border with Ladakh. China’s repeated provocation on Ladakh’s border comes after it was declared a union territory. Following this, India is deploying more troops on the Ladakh border. India has also deployed its troops 500 meters away from its Chinese base.

Over the past four months, China has crossed the border with Ladakh, causing 130 provocations. Chinese tents have been built in Ladakh by crossing over two kilometers into the Indian region. Here, the Chinese military is intensifying surveillance. Every day, China is trying to get closer to the Indian border and strengthen its surveillance. China has deployed more troops here than it already has.

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India has also deployed more troops along the Ladakh border. India deployed more than 500 Chinese troops 500 meters away from Chinese bases. These moves clearly indicate that the situation at the border is aggravating. China, which triggered the Pangong region in the first week of May, is now moving closer to the Galvan basin in Ladakh. China’s intrusion into the West has only expanded since 2015. Border violations have now spread to 75 per cent.

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