Increases immune system activity … a nutritionist reveals the top 10 benefits of apricots


Nutritionists assure that apricot has many benefits, which can prevent daily intake of it the development of many diseases, in addition to its ability to remove toxins from the body.

According to Sada Al-Balad, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, a nutritionist, advised eating apricots, because I increase the activity of the immune system and fight against diseases.

Below we show the top 10 benefits of apricots, according to him: –

1- It strengthens blood, as it is advised for people suffering from anemia.

2- It increases the activity of the immune system and disease resistance.

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3- The internal organs work in the body, such as the kidneys, liver and spleen.

4- The body is revitalized and reduces fatigue and depression.

5- Increases the strength of the heart. The apricot provides the body with vitamins, potassium and fibers that maintain the integrity of the heart. It treats high blood pressure and maintains the level of cholesterol in the blood and glutamate.

6- It treats anemia, as it contains iron and copper.

7- It fights infectious diseases and limits their spread, as it contains Vitamin C, which greatly strengthens the immune system.

8- Maintains blood vessels and protects against blood diseases.

9- It contains very few calories and is a good source of fibers, antioxidants and minerals.

10- The apricot fights viruses and parasites that infect the human body, and limits its spread.

It is noteworthy that the crisis of the emerging coronavirus led many to resort to fresh, healthy food, which is needed by many people, especially children, in order to strengthen immunity and maintain health.

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