In the United States, doctors recommend hydroxychloroquine, following … Trump


Washington. There is an alternative universe of misinformation about COVID-19, disguised as a science, which with the support of Donald Trump is spreading among his supporters, writes the British newspaper The Guardian

Among the most ardent supporters of these claims is the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), which unites less than 5,000 physicians. The group was recently quoted by Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale to explain the president’s startling announcement that he was taking the drug hydroxychloroquine in an attempt to protect himself from COVID-19, despite the lack of evidence of its effectiveness.

Asked what evidence is aimed at the president’s decision-making, Trump said: “Are you ready? Here is my proof: I get a lot of positive feedback on this. ”

Hydroxychloroquine has been urgently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), although studies show mixed results and dangers of potentially life-threatening side effects for patients.

However, Dr. Jane Orient, CEO of AAPS, told the Guardian that she believed the drug “should be prescribed more often” and said in a statement based on a controversial database that the drug offered “about 90 % chance to help patients with COVID-19 ”,

“I talk to a lot of doctors who prescribe it (in the US), they don’t report any problems, their patients have done very well,” she said. She did not say how many doctors she knew prescribed it, and declined to say whether she prescribed it herself.

“I don’t want to have a target on my back … which could lead to someone wanting to look at my whole practice,” Orient said.

At first glance, AAPS gives the impression of science. Its members are among the most trusted professionals in America, and yet they have a history different from any other professional medical association.

“They often seem to offer advice and opinions on medical practice that are inconsistent with evidence-based medicine,” said Dr. Michael Carrom, an expert on drug and medical device safety at Public Citizen, a public advocacy group.

“They are in full accordance with the Trump administration, which does not believe in science, does not believe in facts. They are fully compatible with the Trump White House. ”

Translation and editing: Julian Markov

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