In Russia, coronavirus cases have risen again


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As of May 21, 8,849 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Russia, bringing the total number in the country to 317,554, BGNES reported, citing RIA Novosti.

According to Russia’s coronavirus operational headquarters, 7,289 people were rescued on May 21, bringing the total to 92,681. There have been 3,099 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

A few days ago, the interview of Mirolyuba Benatova with the President of the National Operational Headquarters provoked many reactions on social networks -…

On May 20, the number of confirmed cases in Russia was 308,705, of which 85,392 were cured and 2,972 were fatal. For May 20, 8764 were discovered, ie. 499 less than May 19 and the lowest number since May 1! There are also 135 deaths, ie. 20 more than May 19, which is a record on a daily basis.
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