In response to the bread post … Elon Musk confesses his love for the Russian language


The American businessman and founder of Tesla Corporation, Elon Musk, admitted that he liked to hear the Russian language.

Elon Musk has in recent years posted tweets in Russian several times, and this time the businessman also responded to a tweet in Russian.

A Russian-speaking social network user shared a picture of bread, commenting by a question: “What do you think of this, Elon Musk?”.

“I love hearing the Russian language,” Tesla’s founder replied to Twitter.

And M went, how do you like this Elon Musk? On the Internet with photos containing various inventions published for some time.

One of them also commented on Elon Musk’s publication, “He has not yet heard our colloquial language” … And in turn, Musk replied in Russian “when the cancer will whistle on the mountain” (meaning, indefinitely).

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