In Greece, lower prices for Bulgarians on the beach


Greece is reducing VAT on air, sea, bus and public transport, coffee and all soft drinks in cafes and restaurants, and tickets to summer cinemas from June 1 to October 31, 2020, TVN reported.

The tax is reduced from 24% to 13%, which is expected to lead to lower prices for specific products and services.

The VAT reduction for the same period of five months is also provided for tourist packages. From the previous ratio 80/20, ie. VAT of 13% for 80 percent of the package and 24% for 20 percent of the package is now reduced to 90/10 – 13 percent VAT will be for 90 percent of the package, and the remaining one tenth will be with a tax of 24%.

Greek government spokesman Stelios Pezas said that with the new tax breaks, businessmen have every reason to apply part of the VAT reduction at lower prices to consumers.

However, as was the case when VAT increased and the owners decided that the difference in prices should be at their expense and not that of customers, so now it is possible to do the same so that prices remain unchanged.

If the owners of cafes and other catering establishments decide to apply the reduced VAT directly on the prices, this will mean that in the next five months coffee and soft drinks, such as juices, teas, etc., will be between 20 and 50 cents more. cheap. In particular, coffee, juice or tea, which cost 3.5 euros, can now cost 3.20 euros, or instead of 4 – 3.65 euros.

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