In Gaza … young boxers take to the beach a training ground under Corona


A team of boxing little girls, including four years old, took refuge in Gaza beach this week for training. This was after their club closed its doors due to the general isolation measures imposed to confront the emerging Corona virus.

The group, which numbered more than 12 girls and trained in outdoor boxing and wearing face masks, drew the attention of pedestrians in the coastal strip that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, where this sport is mostly restricted to men.

“These general training classes can help more girls get interested in practicing this sport in the sector, where females make up about half of the population of two million,” said Osama Ayoub, 34, the girls’ coach, according to a Reuters news agency. .

                    REUTERS / SUHAIB SALEM

The young Gaza boxing team turns to the beach for training after the gyms are closed

Ayoub emphasized that “some passers-by supported the idea,” and he said:

“People who pass through the Corniche training place are wondering if their daughters can be sent for training.”

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                    REUTERS / OSWALDO RIVAS

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One of the trainees, Malak Musleh, 15, said: “She prefers training in public instead of not going to training classes, or risking the worst, which is an infection during training in the team’s gym.”

“We decided to leave the club because it is a closed place and it could have caused the virus to spread,” she added.

The Gaza Strip recorded 55 cases of “Covid-19”, all of them in quarantine centers, without deaths.

The authorities closed schools, wedding halls and gyms.

But the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which runs the Strip, has yet to impose general isolation measures to contain the virus, saying it is “unnecessary.”

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