In a parallel world … Time walks back


Scientists from NASA have succeeded in finding evidence of a universe parallel to our world in which time is moving backward, and is governed by physical laws that differ from those in our world.

The British newspaper “Daily Star” reported that “NASA” found particles that may be outside our world during an experiment to detect cosmic rays.

                    Sputnik. Ekaterina Tchesnokova

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The US agency used a giant balloon bearing the antenna propulsion antennas “ANITA” over Antarctica, where no radio noise may disturb the results.

Scientists note that there are continuous “winds” of high-energy particles, as they come from outer space, some of which are a million times stronger than anything that can be generated on Earth, and scientists added that low-energy particles “neutrinos” could pass through the Earth and barely interact with the material of our planet, However, objects with higher energy stop due to terrestrial solids.

The newspaper pointed out that the high-energy particles can only be detected while they come from outer space, adding that the discovery of a heavier “neutrino tau” molecule exiting the Earth means that these particles are traveling back over time, which is evidence of the existence of a parallel universe, according to the same source .

For its part, the newspaper “New York Post” quoted Peter Gurham, the principal supervisor of the study, as saying that the only way a particle might behave in this way is by changing it to a different type of particle, before passing through the earth and then returning again.

Physicist Gorham of the University of Hawaii added, “Everyone was not comfortable with that hypothesis,” noting that the easy explanation for this phenomenon is that “at the moment of what is known as the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago, two universes were formed: one is our world and the other is back in time.” Backwards, from our point of view. “

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