In a new dress … Reham Saeed announces her return to television … video


The Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, decided the decision to return soon to presenting TV programs, after receiving an offer from an Arab satellite channel.

In a telephone interview with the “Cairo Today” program, yesterday, Thursday, Saeed confirmed that she was intending to complete her career in the field of acting and stay away from media work, explaining that she had received various offers to return again to present TV programs, which led her to think about returning again to the screen Small.

Reham Saeed indicated that she intends to present a new format that differs from the programs she has worked in before.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Media in Egypt issued a decision in August of 2019, prohibiting the appearance of the media, Reham Saeed, for a year through any visual or audible media.

The Egyptian Council’s decision is attributed to a complaint filed by the Egyptian National Council for Women against her, accusing her of insulting obese women, and insulting Egyptian women during her discussion of obesity through one of the episodes of the “Sabaya” program that was broadcast on the Egyptian “Al-Hayat” channel. The Egyptian Media Union also decided to stop her from practicing any Media activity.

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