“Import alternatives” … Syria launches a wide range of incentives to support local production


The Syrian Ministry of Economy announced an exceptional package of financing, tax and protection benefits and incentives that will be offered to producers and sectors targeted in the “substitution of import substitutes” program with the aim of supporting domestic production in light of the tight blockade imposed by Western countries unilaterally on the country, and outside the frameworks of international laws.

Dr. Rania Khader Ahmed, the Syrian Deputy Minister of Economy for Economic Development and International Relations, said that work on the “alternatives to imports” program is taking place within the context of government policy to move towards more self-reliance, and the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade has implemented and followed up the program in cooperation with all ministries and agencies Concerned.

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Dr. Khadr revealed in a statement to “Sputnik” that reaching the list of materials and sectors targeted in the import substitution program, was based on a clear and specific action plan starting from the selection process, where the focus was on studying the materials based on their relative weight in the import list, while what was done Selecting sectors that have the ingredients for growth and development. Then the reality and problems of each article and sector were studied, proposals were discussed, design of the necessary protective policies and procedures and necessary incentive programs, as well as defining the roles of the relevant authorities that will undertake what is necessary to implement the proposals that will motivate and encourage the private sector to enter this program.

According to a statement arrived at “Sputnik” a copy of it this evening, the Syrian Ministry of Economy revealed the nature of the benefits and incentives that will be received by the list of materials and sectors targeted for the substitution program for imports that were issued a few days ago, which will include protection measures, customs exemptions, export incentives, privileges for land allocation and credit facilities And dozens of other stimuli …

Syria suffers from a suffocating siege imposed by Western countries outside the framework of international legitimacy, which results in great difficulty in importing food commodities and production inputs, including oil that the American forces and militias subject to, occupy in their local fields.

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Advantages and incentives

The list of benefits and incentives approved varies depending on the material and the sector, and it generally includes reducing customs duties on some production inputs, where the Customs Tariff Raising Committee is currently completing the task of classifying production requirements for import substitutes in order to amend the customs duties imposed on them.

Exemptions also include protectionist measures against competition from imported goods and similar goods, and facilitating access to all the requirements for business start-up – with the possibility of including some sectors with future export incentives.

The benefits include special provisions for allocating land in cities and industrial areas, including the following:

1- Giving priority to allocating exchanges in the industrial cities for projects of import substitutes and the required areas, while securing all necessary services, on the same day the investor reviews the industrial city, provided with a letter from the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade.

2- Not asking the investor to pay the down payment.

Damascus, Syria January 20, 2020

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3- Giving the investor a grace period until the start of production

4- Increasing the payment period of installments to 20 years.

The benefits list also includes reducing the costs and costs of obtaining financing, through the interest rate support program that integrates with the import substitution replacement program, where the state bears 7 /% of the specified interest rate on the loans that will be granted, bearing in mind that the interest rate support programs that have been Its launches are the following:

1- A program to support the establishment, operation, and restoration of facilities for the manufacture of medical tools and devices.

2-. Support program for knitted fabrics industry.

3- Yarn Industry Support Program.

4- A program to support the establishment, operation, and restoration of facilities for the automated textile industry, knitting, carpets and rugs.

5- Dyeing support program.

6- A program to support the establishment and operation of factories for the production of modern irrigation supplies.

7- The program of supporting the operation of damaged and stalled poultry, which needs rehabilitation.

8- A program for supporting the paper industry of types (duplex – Test Liner – White Top – Saizing – semi-chemical).

9- Program to support the construction industry and the industrial country.

10- Program for supporting the establishment of factories for the production of glass panels.

11- Program for supporting the restoration and restarting of factories, machinery and production lines.

12- Program to support the restoration, restart and construction of Formica slab manufacturing plants, starting from the raw material.

13- Program to support the restoration, restarting and establishment of renewable energy components industry projects.

14- Program to support the establishment of factories for the production of inverters.

15- A program to support the restoration, restarting and setting up of factories for the production of batteries.

16- Lighting Industry Support Program.

Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil

                    Sputnik. Maxim Blinov

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17- Support program to develop and expand the home furnishing industry.

18. A program to support the restoration of damaged installations and expansion, and to replace or renew production lines and molds, or to purchase new molds for the manufacture of cutlery and kitchenware.

19- A program to support the construction or restoration of Al-Mubakir facilities.

20- Program to support the establishment, expansion, and operation of hard aluminum packaging factories, soft aluminum “tuples” and integrated aluminum panels (starting from the primary material and aluminum cables and bars (starting from the pellet stage for bars and cables)

21- A program to support the restoration and operation of facilities that are out of work for the manufacture of (ceramic, marble, granite, adhesive cement and feldspar) and set up factories to produce (granite, adhesive cement and feldspar).

22- A program to support the restoration or addition of new lines for the manufacture of (alkyd resin – polyvinyl acetate styrene acrylic).

23- Program to support the establishment of milk products manufacturing facilities.

24- A program to support the rehabilitation of damaged veterinary laboratories or the establishment of laboratories to produce new veterinary medicines not produced locally.

25- A program to support the restoration and restarting of damaged fertilizer factories.

Last Sunday, the Syrian Council of Ministers approved a selected list that includes 67 articles and sectors out of 80 items, representing about 70% of the value of imported materials in the Syrian trade balance.

It was agreed to launch these opportunities and present them to all who wish to invest in the areas targeted by the “substitution” industries.

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The materials and sectors targeted by the drilling package within the Import Substitution Replacement Program include:

Qualitative and import medicines – food and pharmaceutical supplements (in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health).

• Medical devices and tools (prostheses – dialysis filters – ophthalmic devices and tools – wheelchairs – dental drilling machines – medical injections … etc).

The textile industries sector (yarns – all kinds of fabrics – robotic fabric – carpets – rugs).

The dyeing sector as a complement to the textile industries sector.

• Renewable Energy Components Sector, which includes: wind turbines – photovoltaic panels – solar heaters, etc.

• All kinds of paper sector: flute, duplex, test liner, white top, sizing, half-chemically, healthy paper, etc.

Poultry sector, modern irrigation supplies, and agricultural tractors.

The household appliances sector: ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, monitors, air conditioners, fans, etc.

• Tableware and kitchen utensils of all kinds, yeast, milk powder, infant formula, starch, industrial diameter, glass bottles, glass panels, Formica panels, lighting devices, and batteries.

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Recycle damaged batteries, inverters, some types of machines, some types of auto parts, mineral oils, lubricating oils, tires, harsh aluminum packages, medium hard aluminum packages, and aluminum tubes needed for the pharmaceutical industry.

Aluminum cables, aluminum bars, aluminum integrated panels, plastic panels, ceramics, granite, marble, cement, and feldspar.

• Shoes, slippers, preforms, tampons, sulfonic acid, alkyd resin, polyvinyl acetate-acrylic citrine, alkyl benzene, ferrite, some types of veterinary medicines, and some types of agricultural pesticides – fertilizers, fodder corn, and sesame.

Agricultural seeds (from many types of summer and winter crops of vegetables and fruits, and some of these seeds are produced either for local consumption or for export).

The “Replacing Imports Alternatives” program launched by the Syrian government recently aims to move towards more self-reliance and reduce the demand for foreign exchange resulting from the demand for import, and to secure the production of a number of materials and goods locally, and to create new investment opportunities with distinctive government incentives, in a manner that leads to Investing available resources and creating job opportunities, thus creating incomes and livelihoods for citizens.

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