I’m tired of being strong


This week Alexandra Sarchadzhieva turned 37 years old. On her birthday on May 20, in an interview with BNR, the actress shared:

“I believe that a person must follow a certain path that he must follow. The way to walk it – whether to be worthy or insidious – he chooses.

I have been taught to be honest

I feel like I’m losing my life sometimes, but I can’t and I don’t want to change. I do not want to live in a world of intrigue and lies. I don’t want to go my way unworthily. I face these things, unfortunately, every day – I endure the blows and slaps, but this is my choice.

I don’t know if I have charisma at all – that’s what people have to say. I hope I have strength. I have no choice but to. The truth is that I do not want to be strong, I am tired of being strong, but I have no right – I have to raise my child.

We forgot to look at each other

To be big on stage, you have to be a big person, my mother taught me (actress Pepa Nikolova – editor’s note). People live with people. Man lives with man. After everything we went through – we lived closed, we couldn’t hug … – I hope he teaches us to be better, to show love to each other. Love is not shown with expensive gifts, but daily with small gestures – with a smile, with hot coffee …

May we humble ourselves, after everything that has happened to us, may we learn to give thanks for today

We lived in a very fast-paced and confused world – where are we in a hurry ?! The end is clear – there is no need to hurry. We forgot to communicate with our loved ones, with our children … We, as parents, form our children – they are our reflection in the mirror. Children are truly born, we then confuse children. Let’s pay more attention to our children and raise them to be good people. ”

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