Ikebana wrote a song about Boyko Borisov, the fans praised him



Deyan Nedelchev-Ikebana made a song for Boyko Borisov. The single is titled “I have a wonderful country” and is in the typical style of the singer. “The sun doesn’t set here, why? It’s called Boyko!” Sings Ikebana. “The song about Boyko is playful and interesting, like most of me. The other one will be” The Old Maiden “, dedicated to the old maidens,” said Ikebana, who is known for his unusual sense of humor, earlier this month.

Years ago Nedelchev made a song for Cornelia Ninova. The chairman of the BSP and the performer of the eternal hit “I collect sticks” were born on the same date. On this occasion, Ikebana performed the song “I’m going red.” Now make a hit for Boyko.

“I have a wonderful country” has so far enjoyed positive reviews, and Nedelchev himself admitted that many people wrote to him to send them the lyrics.

We also publish the lyrics of the new hit:

I have a wonderful homeland

With gerberas – a whole garden!

The sun does not set here,

Why? It’s called Boyko!


He is a charismatic man.

Cute, athletic!

Romantic, sarcastic!

Most loved by the people!

Boyko is the most personal politician

And he is an excellent diplomat!

Artistic, practical and decent!

I love the people the most!

I have a wonderful country

Heaven continues with her,

A new page in our history,

Borisov himself opened it!

Menche, geranium, holy water,

Dozens of cameras in a slender line.

And journalists are the best

From a hundred independent media.

Ribbon, scissors, euphoria again,

Boyko is writing a new story!

Today we have top news,

We open a highway, another one!

I have a wonderful country,

Prosperity here continues!

Luck in it has found us now,

With the greatest of all prime ministers!


Misery knocks at the door,

Or Europe is waving a finger at us,

Borissov is always there

Bare breasts face problems!

Borisov is like first love!

He is always ready for a new intrigue!

That’s why you love to chase him,

Most of the tanks with the Microphones!

A man on the spot has always been,

Abundantly sprays sex appeal!

For him the people sing songs!

Our Bulgarian Moses!

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