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OhRo labor has its own glory. If you have the ability to recognize it, you can do any job with pride, not with climbing. Sridevi, a native of Ottapalam, had given such thought to her during the colonial period. Sridevi, who had heard that her father was a coconut boy, would have joined her if she was an older boy. He learned to climb coconuts and gave the money to his father and mother. The post posted by Sridevi on Facebook saying that this is not a big event has gone viral. Many people have come to appreciate Sridevi’s determination.

Sridevi says she decided to learn to drive when she was sitting down and bought a second-hand auto. Sridevi is also planning to take a taxi to drive the coconut.

To Sridevi’s note …

My childhood was not so good. There are no pleasures to remember. He occasionally cried, but then it changed. I have seen my mother go to work from the day I can remember. Occasionally she would tell him to take the leash, the amount of money to be paid here, so that the mother would go to work. His father has been suffocating for a long time. But it was not a hindrance to his father’s work. Problems occur when it rains.

Occasionally there have been occasions when I have not been able to go to school to look after the younger women. When I enrolled them in school, I started to get old. A calm teacher called me when I saw her frequent in the school. One and a half hens. But the teacher is the one who took note of everything. Then there were the good times. Going to work for the first time is my plus two vacation. In the tuition center’s office. After graduation it became the Aadhaya Center in Kadamuzha. The joys of getting paid for the first time know that. Especially when you give it to your father and mother … When the girls buy a school bag or umbrella, they get a lot of joy. I don’t know how to say that. And PG is over. That. Corona issues began just before the Aura Final Semester exam. She started coming home on March 11th. After examining the online model, she learned to make some of the unknown foods, even short readings. ??

In the current situation, it is only the father who goes to work. The jobs I knew I could not do. Occasionally he heard his father say that as an older boy, he would go with his father to coconut trees. Then I remembered that this was all for me. So I tell my mom and dad that I want to learn coconut. You see, this is what your mother says. Anak says he has no other money. Then I got tired of it. I thought to myself, how can I make my wooden shingles. ! So it was. At the end of my sentence, my father and I went and bought the machine. Beginning in the coconut palm of the upper reaches of Kakkade, I started studying. When I saw a coconut tree in the coconut tree, my father and mother were laughing. Unicorns push each other to climb the palms. So everyone tried except my mother.!

Yesterday, the next-door grandfather called his father, saying that his granddaughter wanted tenderloin. My father told me. At first he remembered the lie. But my father is serious … ?? So I put it in the water … I got Rs. 80 for two coconuts. The money was given to his father and mother. Both men asked him to keep it. Then I asked my mother when the winery was over … one thing or the other, my mother came … expecting nothing. When you get down, you tell me, you go to work with your father. So my mother was happy. I went to work with my father this morning and worked for Rs 360. Itchy dust and itchy skin. It was a bathing puolo … ??

In the current situation, wherever there is a bus, auto should be called. Auto has good charge. Her mother does not like to go to school with the scooping. Scared. That’s when I decided to take the car. Soon I got the answer right away.! While she was thinking about doing this, her mother would tell her that if she had a boy, we would have bought an auto. I asked my mother if I could run. The mother laughed. Then you ran to me and asked. I replied that we could learn. So the auto buys one second. His father’s friend teaches. My mother is ready to sit with me in the auto to get it done. Now, if you are going to drive an auto taxi to the coconut tree, consider this. These are the features of the colonial period.

This is not a great event, but it has brought me great happiness. Inside and around the family, people who have grown up and heard that the community is built on it cannot contain it. But it is very fortunate that she was born as the daughter of Nikkana Ammetem and her father at the moment when we realize that we can.

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