If they had crossed the border, the protesters would have been armed and armed with dogs, Trump | “Would’ve Been Greeted With Vicious Dogs


Washington: George Floyd, a black man killed in police torture But President Trump said if the protesters had crossed the White House, they would have been confronted with cruel dogs and dangerous weapons.

George Floyd, a black man working as a security guard at a restaurant in Minneapolis, US, was killed Monday. George Floyd was strangled to death by a police officer.

Footage of the incident was released. George Floyd says I have trouble breathing. The streets of Minneapolis became riotous after the video was released. Protesters took to the streets. Everything in the eye was smashed, and buildings were set on fire.

Protests spread to other parts of the United States. Protesters also marched and shouted slogans in Lafayette Square, where White Heights is located. The White House has been temporarily locked down following protests. Trump has reacted to this.

Outside the White House, there was a large crowd of protesters. But no one crossed the White House. If this had happened, Trump would have been confronted by a number of undercover service agents who were on the lookout for vicious dogs and dangerous weapons, Trump said.

Trump also accused the Washington mayor of not being able to send police to control the protesters.

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