Icons for different types of 5G networks will be available in Android 11 – News


Although consumer-accessible 5G networks are still not functioning in Bulgaria, we expect this to happen in the next few years. Meanwhile, Google has revealed the ways in which it will show a connection to a new generation network from Android 11.

For this purpose, the company will update the set of icons, which shows the difference between the different types of networks: LTE, LTE with carrier aggregation (LTE +), Advanced pro LTE (5Ge), NR (5G) and NR on millimeter-wave cellular bands (5G +) . This way you will know what type of network you are connected to.

Unfortunately, at this stage we still do not know what the icons for these indicators will look like. In the meantime, keep in mind that the connection also depends on the frequencies supported by the individual phones. They can only work with mmWave 5G / sub-6GHz or support both types of networks.

Source: Google

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