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International Cricket Council (ICC) with instructions to follow the resumption of cricket matches after the Dubai Eye Covenant. The main suggestion is that a Chief Medical Officer or a Bio Safety Officer is a must for training and competitions.

Glove for the umpire

Field umpires must wear gloves at all matches. Players should not hand over their hats, sunglasses and towels to the umpires. Sports equipment should be disinfected before and after play. Each player must have 14 days of isolation before the journey to the competition. Covid secretions should also be examined during this period. During training, players must maintain a distance of one and a half meters; This distance also applies to the wicket celebration.

To the attention of the Boilers

The ICC said that bowlers are more likely to get injured when returning to the floor after a break. Preparatory bowlers should take 8 to 12 weeks before the test. Five to six weeks of practice before the Twenty20. You need to spend exactly 6 weeks in preparation for the ODI.

Great team

To reduce the workload of celebrities, especially bowlers, more team members should be included. The current range of 15-18 players can be up to 25.

English Summary: ICC new guidelines for cricket matches

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