I was bitten by a black bear; The Unheard of Murder Kollam | Uthra murder case investigation | Breaking News


In Kollam Anchal, a woman was found dead in her bedroom by a snake, which was proved to be a planned murder of her husband. According to police, Karimoorkhan was bought and bitten. Husband Suraj and Suresh who snake were arrested Sooraj wants to marry another woman after killing his wife, said Rural SP Harishankar of Kollam.

The mother of a one-year-old baby, Uthra Anchal, was found dead in her early morning on May 7 when she was bitten by a snake. The pass was bitten on March 2 at his home. The story of an unheard-of murder was heard with the complaints of parents who were suspected of being bitten by a serpent.

Determined to kill his wife, Suraj became acquainted with Suresh, the snake-taker in Kollam. Originally purchased on the 26th of February. On March 2, Uthrak was restored to life despite being bitten. On April 24, he bought a more venomous snake and put it in a bottle and returned to Uthra’s house. The snake was left in the room at 2 am and released.

Sooraj, who confessed to the gruesome murder, said he had not slept in the room until the death of Uthra was confirmed. He confessed to the investigation team led by the SP.

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