I refused to become Bozhkov’s mistress, she is not my type!


No matter how much is written about Mariela Nordel, it will always be small, because the curly-haired participant in one of the most spectacular seasons of “VIP Brother” is full of surprises, and her life is worthy of a Latin series. Nordel loves to travel, read and improve. She has lived on five continents. He has two marriages and a daughter, Nicole. She is a unique person, in whose veins flows Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese and Jewish blood. Her grandmother Caridad was the mistress of the Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista, from whom she gave birth to a son Antonio, who is Mariela’s father. Here is what Mariela said in an interview with Weekend.

– Mrs. Nordel, you have been in Bulgaria for several days, under quarantine. We found out that you were “on an adventure” at Sofia Airport. What exactly happened?

– I’m at home, reading, working. The SAC revoked Order 30130 of Minister Kiril Ananiev on quarantine measures due to exceeding the powers, incompetence and as illegal. Unfortunately, I am not caught by this “amnesty” because the order was valid until May 13. I entered the country on May 14 and am under quarantine on the basis of Order 265 of May 14 this year. As a sign of protest against the absurd and unconstitutional normative acts in Bulgaria, against the carelessness of our politicians and “competent authorities”, I went on a hunger strike. I have been on tap water since May 15. I feel very well!

“What happened at the airport?”

– I was also struck by the rude behavior of the health inspector, who served me at the airport at 9 pm on May 14, after I landed on the flight from Eindhoven. She pulled me out of the line. He was lurking with a tablet on which I saw my data. When he saw me, he exclaimed: “Come here! I was just waiting for you. ”He dragged me to the official checkpoint, where the crews were checked, not the ordinary passengers, and insisted that he register my passport, as if I had entered Bulgaria. Then he did not let me cross the border, but took me back to the borderless transit zone. Then I explained to myself why she had done it – so that I could not refuse to sign the documents and return home on the same flight. I behaved rudely and rudely, refused to answer my questions and threatened me that if I asked a lot and knew, she could take me elsewhere and get a 14-day quarantine. A friend of the police then explained to me that the “other place” was the arrest at the airport … He made me sign a “Declaration of acquaintance with the quarantine prescription” and another document on her tablet, which did not allow me to read . When I asked her a question: “Why is this a deliberate attitude only towards me?”, She muttered to me: “Because you are nice to me.” This is how the responsible bodies act, to which they have been given some power – out of sympathy …

“You have announced that you will seek your rights in court …”

– Yes, I have already contacted a lawyer and he will file a complaint to the Sofia District Court. I also sent a letter to His Excellency the Swedish Ambassador in charge of Bulgaria and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as I am a Swedish citizen.

– Recently, there has been talk of arrests alongside Vasil Bozhkov, members of his family have also been detained. You also knew each other well, and there are various rumors …

– I could be in LiLana’s place, ha-ha-ha. I’m kidding, I don’t want her place. Yes, I met Bozhkov next to my Swedish husband, who was interested in him in business. Bozhkov is an interesting person, he combines the sharp mind of a mathematician, a chess player, who envisages 7 moves forward, and a boy from the Rhodopes, who is looking to impress you. But one thing must be admitted to him – a gentleman is also the king of generous gestures. He knows how to impress a lady.

– Why did you refuse to be in a romantic relationship ?!

– What to say? Once we were traveling in the car, he put his hand on my knee and directly suggested, “Do you want to be my mistress?” It sounded to me like Stefan Danailov in “Ladies Invite” – “You know you have great eyes.” Of course I refused him. I was married at the time, but even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be his mistress – she’s just not my type. Although I love strong men and those who have proven themselves. The energy that Bozhkov radiates is special. I can’t describe it to you in words. Honestly, I’ve always chosen my men, not me.

– He did not want to be with you by force, against your will?

– This is complete bullshit. I read that there were some girls raped by him, which is not serious. Bozhkov was successful with women and hardly anyone was with him against their will. He’s really charming, but he’s just not my type.

– How do you think the saga with him will end?

– If it continues like this – an hour on a spoon with the information, it will end sadly like Tsvetan Vassilev. In my opinion, he should be bolder and more radical. He has nothing to lose and has to take risks. I hear she can become a protective witness for Koveshi, she’s a fighter and she doesn’t spit at all. Another option is to simply strike at the image of his opponent’s patrons – the moment their protégé becomes uncomfortable, they will remove him themselves. Westerners do not tolerate anyone or anything damaging their image. The moment the international media explodes with Bozhkov’s information, the umbrella over his opponent will fall. For this purpose, however, he must present everything, the full evidence, and not as now – with a dropper. It should be clear to him that he is not in a position to bargain and following the current tactics – to let go of this or that, he will only lose.

– Did they test you for coronavirus?

“I don’t have a virus.” I am completely healthy. Don’t think of me!

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