I realize that my father was back; Anne sighed emotionally


NAnne Gustin, daughter of actress and guest, shared memories of Turn A Gustin. Anne’s heartfelt note was shared with A Gusto.

“Often I call my father out loud, and I realize that his father answered the call, even if he can’t.

Being a father made our stay safe.

His father taught us to enjoy life, to celebrate, to face failures and to find strength in pain. From an early age, I got to see my father’s passion for film and acting. There is little I can do but I hope my father can be proud of it. I miss you too.

Gustin quit the film due to a stroke in 2009. Gustin died following a kidney failure in 2013. Gustin was last seen in the movie Mammootty, a sea cross. However, Anne got a chance to work with her father in Rebecca Uthup Kuzhakkemala

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