‘I live with a psycho, afraid of killing me at night’; Trolley for his wife


LawElizabeth, now wife of director Basil Joseph, is now the home of director Basil Joseph, who has stopped shooting the lightning bolt after the knockdown. Basil’s main task is to troll his wife on social media whenever she gets down. The actor has now shared a fun video of his wife. In the video is Elizabeth who is watching Websteries excited. Basil shared the video, stating that he was determined to live with a psycho.

In the TV series, the rat is excited about the scene where the US military fires militants. My fear is that bin Laden will kill me tonight. Yes it’s confirmed. I’m a psycho with a living! In the video, Ellie is eagerly calling for me to kill and shoot.

Basil’s friends are getting a lot of support from Eli. Aju Var Geez and Neeraj Madhav have commented as Kollavan. Actress Dumb says that Eli is just like me. Sham Rahman, the director of the anthem, also came up with an interesting comment. Alia has an item here. Stranger Things is intoxicating. You can leave it there. Shan said, “Here you go, let’s both get together and die.” There are also many fans coming up with interesting comments. Earlier, Trolley had also visited his wife’s online study.

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