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Minister Kajsa Ollongren has returned to her post after an almost six-month absence. In the AD, the D66’er talks openly about her illness. “I had to drag myself: it just worked out under willpower, but that was about it.”

Since April, Ollongren has returned to work as Minister of the Interior. She has also been Deputy Prime Minister since last week. Towards the summer of 2019, the minister was already starting to struggle with her health. “I suffered from forehead and sinus infections. But every time I got sick, it took longer to recover. My ENT doctor said last year, the only way to get rid of this is surgery, “she says.

Worse and worse
She returned just before Prince’s Day, but it was not going well. “I had to drag myself on: it just worked out under willpower, but it was.” “She explains:” Instead of getting better and better, I started to feel worse. I thought that was strange. The ENT doctor wanted other things to be investigated. He started doing blood tests and found something. I was referred to an internist. Then I went to the AMC, to an endocrinologist (specialist who investigates complex hormone disorders, ed.) He finally found the connection between my chronic illness and the disease. The adrenal gland was not working properly, so I did not make enough cortisol for my immune system. ”

What she learned from her illness? “They are, of course, clichés; health is the most important thing there is, your family and your family, but it is all true. If you can no longer do that automatically at 130 kilometers per hour on autopilot, then you have to put things into perspective. I also learned something else about how important work is to me. I am not a complete person without a job. That makes me quite unhappy. So I am very happy to be back at work. ”

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