I feel a stab in the back … Arabic changes the British government’s decision within 5 hours … video


An Arab refugee citizen in Britain forced the British government to amend a decision he made 5 hours after he posted a video on Twitter.

The Syrian youth, Hassan El-Akkad, who changed his profession during the Corona pandemic from a TV director to a hospital worker in London with a view to helping reduce the spread of the Corona epidemic, through his page on Twitter, wrote a message of reprimand to British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, after A decision on granting permanent residency permits in Britain, which excluded cleaners, auxiliary nurses, and porters who work in hospitals.

                    AP Photo / Eraldo Peres

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“I am proud of my work as a hospital cleaner 10 miles from the hospital where I was (the British prime minister),” Akkad said in the video, which garnered nearly 5 million views on Twitter.

“I joined work at the same time that I went to the hospital, because I wanted to help this nation overcome this epidemic,” he added.

“I used to enjoy the applause that you did in the government, but today I feel betrayed, I feel a stab in the back, I am shocked after discovering that your government decided for my wages and my colleagues, who receive minimum wages, decided to exclude us from the law protecting workers’ families Aliens. “

He said: “Therefore, if I die while facing the Corona virus, my wife or family will not be able to benefit from your decision.”

According to “Sky News,” the video quickly reached the British government, and after 5 hours, it changed its decision to include all workers later.

The amendment included the decision about more than 1520 thousand people who will be granted permanent residence after these amendments, according to the agency, and Al-Akkad considered in a statement to the agency that there are many institutions that worked on the decision and not only that, and that the amendment came as a result of all these efforts.

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