Human life is more important than economic conditions; Pope about the Kovid crisis


Vatican City: Pope Francis says human life is more important than economic conditions. The Pope’s response comes in the wake of rapidly moving restrictions announced by various countries to combat Kovid. Three months later, the Pope was addressing believers in St. Peter’s Square today.

The important thing is to get rid of people. The economic conditions of countries need to be tightened. But more importantly, people are free of disease, the Pope said. Our body is the abode of the Holy Spirit, but the financial system is not, the Pope said.

The Pope has been criticized for not naming any country. Even in cases where the virus is completely out of control, the controls are being moved. The Pope’s message was received with applause by a number of people who came to St. Peter’s Square wearing a mask to keep the social distance. The square was reopened to the public last Monday. More than 33,000 people have died of Kovid in Italy.

With the rapid spread of the Kovid 19 virus, the announcement of a lockdown was effectively phased out. The final restrictions will be relaxed Wednesday. The Pope said he would pray for the health workers. The Pope urged more countries to stand together in the face of the pestilence.

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