Huge and mysterious spots of “Covid 19” appear on the surface of the earth … photos and videos


Mysteriously, a large stain appeared within a crop circle in Britain, 200 feet (about 70 meters) wide, in the form of the newly emerging Coruna virus.

On Friday, farmers in Britain’s Wiltshire countryside discovered a strange formation in the crop, coinciding with the start of the harvest.

                    Sputnik. Anton Denisov

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According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, farmers found this formation in a field planted with barley, and circulated widely on social media.

Some believe that “aliens” are drawing these circles, and Heather Parsby, after seeing unmanned aerial viewers of the accident, said: “They (aliens) risk coming here a little bit during the Corona pandemic .. They must definitely spend two weeks quarantine also before playing. In crops. “

The exact location of these scenes was not disclosed for fear of the coming of tourists and visitors and the occurrence of gatherings in light of the spread of the epidemic.

The newspaper pointed out that it is not known until now about the person who drew this suddenly appearing circle.

Many myths spread about the appearance of these circles and drawings in some societies due to their wide area and very subtle design.

The scenes of crop circles go back hundreds of years in Europe, where some people believe that they are the result of the landing of foreign bodies or spaceships in the fields, which leads to flattening the crop, while others assert that they are man-made and all these allegations are false.

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