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Hristo Yavashev-Kristo PHOTO: Reuters

The artist Hristo Vladimirov Yavashev, known as Christo, died of natural causes today, May 31, 2020, at his home in New York. He was 84 years old.

This was just announced on his official Facebook page by his relatives.

A statement from Christo’s office said: Christo lived a full life, he not only dreamed of impossible things, but also realized them. The art of Christo and Jean-Claude brought people together in empathy all over the globe and their work lives in our hearts and in our memory.

Christo and Jean-Claude have always explained that their art will continue after their deaths. According to Christo’s wish, the project for the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris will be available from September 18 to October 3, 2021. ”

Christo was born on June 13, 1935 in Gabrovo. He left Bulgaria in 1957 and first went to Prague and then to Vienna, from where he moved to Geneva. In 1958 he went to Paris, where he met Jean-Claude. She became not only his wife, but also a partner in his monumental work. She passed away on November 18, 2009. Christo has lived in New York for 56 years.

Christo became famous along with his wife Jean-Claude de Giebon with his original spatial art installations, wrapping various objects in cloth – from a typewriter and telephone to entire buildings, islands and even the coast. His works include the packaging of the Reichstag building in Berlin and the oldest bridge in Paris, the stretching of 38-kilometer canvas curtains in California and the installation of canvas portals in Central Park in New York.

It comes from an old Razgrad family. His grandfather was academician Anani Yavashov, who discovered the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Abritus. His father is Vladimir Yavashev, an engineer born in Varna. His mother, Tsveta Dimitrova, is from Thessaloniki, the daughter of a Macedonian merchant. His aunt, Dora Yavasheva, is the wife of the prominent Bulgarian politician Ivan Bagryanov. His brothers are the famous actor Anani Yavashev and eng. Stefan Yavashev.

Christo’s most important projects
1961 Arranged oil barrels and packages in the port of Cologne
1962 The Iron Curtain – a wall of oil barrels, Visconti Street, Paris, 1961 – 1962
1964 Shop windows
1968 Package of 5600 cubic meters, Documenta 4, Kassel, 1967 – 1968
1968 Packed fountain and packed medieval tower, Spoleto
1968 The Packed Gallery in Bern
1969 Packed Beach, Little Bay, Sydney, Australia
1969 Amerika-Haus Heidelberg, German-American Institute in Heidelberg, May 15, 1969
1969 The Packed Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
1970 The Packed Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, Piazza del Duomo, Milan, 1969 – 1970
1970 The Packed Monument to Leonardo da Vinci, Piazza della Scala, Milan, 1969 – 1970
1971 Mon SCHAU project in Monschau
Curtain in the Valley, Raffle, Colorado, 1970 – 1972
1972 Participation in Documenta 5 in Kassel
1974 Coastline, Newport, Rhode Island
1974 The Packed Roman City Walls (Porta Pinciana), Rome, 1973 – 1974
Running Fence, California, 1972 – 1976
1977 Participation in Documenta 6 in Kassel
1978 Packed Alleys, Loose Park, Kansas City, 1977 – 1978
1983 Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida, 1980 – 1983
1985 The Packed Pon Neuf, Paris, 1975 – 1985
1991 Umbrellas, Japan-USA, 1984 – 1991
1995 The Packed Reichstag, Berlin, 1971 – 1995
1998 Packed trees, Bayeler Foundation and Berover Park, Rien, Switzerland, 1997 – 1998
1999 Wall of 13,000 oil barrels, Gasometer Oberhausen, Oberhausen, 1998 – 1999
Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979 –
Large air package, Gasometer Oberhausen, Oberhausen, 2010 – 2013
2016 Floating Quays, Lake Iseo, Italy

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