How US and Russian embassies congratulated May 24 (video)


The embassies of the two world geopolitical centers – the USA and Russia, congratulated us on the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of the Slavic Writing. In special videos, they made addresses in our native language.

“Happy May 24 – the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture! On this special day we asked American diplomats what the Bulgarian language means to them and why they study it,” the American Embassy in Bulgaria wrote on its Facebook page, omitting the “Slavic” part of the name of the holiday. The video, together with Ambassador Hero Mustafa, features several other people from the US diplomatic mission in Bulgaria, all speaking Bulgarian.

Only Anatoly Makarov took the floor from the embassy of the other great power. Russia’s No. 1 diplomat said: “Slavic writing is a unique spiritual feat. This holiday is a homage to the work of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. This holiday is an occasion to celebrate fidelity and patriotism.”

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