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Shramik, traveling with guest workers to Rourkela Uttar Pradesh, was struck by a train and reached Odisha. The special train journey was scheduled from Mumbai to Gorakhpur. The train was available after a long day of waiting for workers who had lost their jobs. But the guest workers who boarded the train, hoping to reach their homeland, arrived at Rourkela, 750 km from Odisha.

The train, which departed from Vasai station in Maharashtra on Thursday, reached Rourkela on a completely different route at midnight. Concerned workers inquired about this from the station staff and were informed that the locomotive had been turned over due to some confusion. However, the Railways denied the claim that the locomotive was misguided. Railway officials confirmed that the train was traveling as per the earlier decision.

Officials told the national media that the railways had decided to diverge from some of the Shramik trains. But the question arises as to why the workers were not informed about this. The workers are worried as they do not know when the train will return to Gorakhpur from Rourkela.

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: Train Carrying Migrants From Maharashtra to UP Ends in Odisha

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