How the coronavirus can change international airports for the better


The flights this summer will not be the same, but according to
experts the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the world could change the international
airports for the better. In fact, technology is at the heart of everything
thanks to them it can happen that we do not have to at the terminal
to touch anything but our own cell phone.

Here’s what you can expect from airports in the future:

Fierce penetration of contactless technologies

Experts are of the opinion that very soon at the airports will
contactless technologies will be implemented and this will happen much sooner than
expected as a result of the pandemic. “We see innovations being implemented for
5 years to become available to people for five months under the influence of
the emergency situation “,
he said

for CNBC Ibrahim Ibrahim,
Managing Director of Portland Design, a design consulting firm.
According to
him very soon when verifying the identity of the people showing off
passport or ID card will be replaced by a scan of the iris or face.

The first
a biometric terminal in the United States opened at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
Atlanta in Georgia at the end of 2018. Surveys show that 72% of customers
prefer biometric upload to standard upload, and less than 2%
customers have abandoned the process,
show data from
examination of

Mobile phones
will also
they play
important role
on – board card storage, which was introduced more than
“Your mobile phone will become your means through
to manage your trip, “said Andrew O’Connor, vice president of
portfolio management at Sita, an air transport technology company.

Change the line
for security

The introduction of electronic check-in and fixed
access regime during customs inspections at airports are among
the main changes that will occur due to the infection. “With the entry of
Interactive technologies, airports will avoid crowds of people, because that way there will be a certain access regime, “they say.

Complete disinfection

According to experts, in addition to disinfection of
the luggage compartment of the aircraft, disinfection will be carried out themselves

Quieter and more spacious terminals

In addition to the access regime at the airports themselves according to
experts will also introduce a fully digitalized payment method in
shops that are on the territory of the airports, which will further help
to prevent the formation of queues and crowds of people.

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