How much will a sunbed on Sunny Beach cost you tomorrow?


The three beaches in Sunny Beach – north, central and south, are ready to welcome the first tourists. All concessionaires in the resort have met the deadlines and have duly fulfilled their obligations under the contracts, the company said. Umbrellas and sunbeds are already placed on the sand, and there is a large enough distance between them, which ensures the safety of holidaymakers. All strips are leveled, dewormed and cleaned.

From June 1, when the season for the beaches will be officially opened, the medical centers with the necessary equipment and resuscitation team will work in Sunny Beach.

From tomorrow the beach becomes guarded. The beach will have lifeguards, the towers are installed. Exactly at 8.00 am the first lifeguard shift will take place. In the first days of June, mobile pairs of rescuers will walk around the sand every day without a break until 18.00.

The showers have been installed and the changing rooms for tourists have been renovated. The prices for the beach accessories in the resort are half lower. Apart from a deck chair, holidaymakers will pay less for the shade of the beach. The prices are BGN 4 for each of the two extras. The requirement for a 50 percent free zone is strictly observed. There the sunbathing is free. And this season, live security will be provided along the entire strip, which will monitor the order and tranquility of holidaymakers.

The strip staff have taken exceptional hygiene measures that will ensure the safety of tourists.

Burgas, Bulgaria

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