How long is the coronavirus presence in the body? Doctors conduct post-mortem studies


MrAIIMS doctors are conducting a study to determine how long the coronavirus virus is present in the body. The study is based on the post mortem analysis of Kovid 19 victim. This study will also determine if the body is infected. Doctors at Delhi AIIMS are conducting the study.

The forensic department’s head of the study, Dr Kapoor, said: Sudheer Gupta said. ‘This is the first study of its kind. Therefore, a lot of preparation is needed. It helps to understand the behavior of the virus in the human body. At the same time it can detect how it affects the organs. The key is to find out how long coronaviruses are present in the body, ”he said.

The post-mortem will be conducted in a non-invasive manner following the ICMR guidelines. This is to prevent post-mortem and other members of the gang. Based on the scientific findings so far, the presence of virus in the body is said to decrease over time. Meanwhile, the time limit for the virus to be inactive has not been announced.

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