How Keanu Reeves made a mistake with the title of the movie “John Wick”


In 2014, the production of “John Wick” was released on the big screens, which not only became such a big hit that two more sequels were subsequently shot (the third is expected in 2022), but also moviegoers unanimously ruled that the image of the assassin that Keanu Reeves plays is worthy of being compared to that of Thomas Anderson, better known as Neo, from The Matrix.

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It turns out, however, that the original title of “John Wick” was quite different and had nothing to do with what everyone knows today. Moreover, the current name of the tape came from Reeves, who constantly mispronounced its name by presenting the action with his participation in various interviews in 2013.

The creator and screenwriter of the series Derek Colstad revealed to that the original title was actually “Contempt”, in which, given the plot line of the first part, there is definitely logic, as in the action the main character takes revenge on the men who broke into his home. , stole his car and killed the dog, which is the last gift from his deceased wife. But because Keanu kept confusing the title of the film, calling it by the name of his character, the producers eventually decided to change it, keeping its version.

The studio’s marketing department was of the opinion that what Keanu said was free advertising worth $ 5 million, so we need to change the name of the project.“, issued Kolstrad.

Regarding the fourth part of the story, he said that it will come to light no earlier than May 27, 2022, as they are currently waiting for the pandemic of the new coronavirus to pass in order to renew the photos on it.

I think at the beginning of this situation, everyone was worried about what the movies would look like from now on. But when it comes to a successful franchise, the most important thing is to do things right“, said the screenwriter.

In May last year Reeves commented to “Entertainment Tonight” the great interest in “John Week: Chapter 3”, whose screenings around the world raised 105.5 million dollars during its premiere week.

The way the film is received is really special. Although you hope it will happen, it is still an unusual feeling“, he said.

Then Keanu also talks about the possible third sequel to the series.

We’ll see what happens, but it’s great to know that there is such an opportunity. The only chance to make another part happen is if people really like what we do“, Reeves shared.

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