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In the last few days the number of cured by coronavirus is higher from that of the newly infected. Can we fight Covid-19 and is a second wave of infection waiting for us, commented the virologist from BAS Prof. Radostina Alexandrova to Bulgaria ON AIR.

She pointed out that there will be more and more talk about the genetic changes in this virus. According to her, viruses that contain RNA, as well as coronaviruses, are particularly vulnerable.

“The enzyme that synthesizes the RNA molecule makes mistakes and there is no system to correct those mistakes. The good news with coronaviruses is that they have a system that can correct mistakes, but not 100%. So it mutates with more “low speed,” the professor explained.

“By the end of April, the genomes of more than 11,000 viruses isolated from infected people had been scanned. All the information is available and an interesting analysis of the data has begun. Option A, which was found in Wuhan, was known in Australia and the United States. Option B emerges, which dominates Wuhan – it was originally known in Europe as well – Option B is quite stable in East Asia, which means that it is quite well adapted to the people and conditions there, it does not have to mutate. Option C is mainly found in Europe and only found in Asia in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, “the virologist explained.

Prof. Alexandrova referred to publications of scientists who established the presence of a mutation in two variants. One has a more severe clinical picture.

“Scientists are looking for conservative areas in the virus that do not change. They are trying to create a vaccine that creates a universal platform that they can then update so that it is easier to switch to a vaccine against another option if necessary. “, said Prof. Alexandrova in” Bulgaria in the Morning “.

More than 100 variants of the vaccine have been made in two months, but it will take at least a year to develop it, according to the virologist.

“The virus has no interest in killing us,” Prof. Alexandrova concluded.

See the whole conversation in the video.

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