Horoscope for June – Astro


Aries – June will contribute to active work and recreation. Despite the difficulties and obstacles in your work / business, you will not only maintain leadership positions, but you will also be able to acquire what you dream of. The stars promise you luck in all your affairs and endeavors, so do not be afraid to take risks and offer bold solutions to your partners and allies.

However, unforeseen circumstances are possible that will force you to change your plans for your future. Keep a distance with colleagues, especially on issues related to your relationships with superiors or colleagues. You can get yourself in trouble, so try to keep quiet or talk more as a joke, but be natural.

Calm and favorable period of time. For some, June promises the beginning of a whole new period in life. In terms of financial revenues, financial stability is expected. You will have many doubts and worries about the correctness of your decision.

Avoid any attempts to manipulate and control people in your immediate circle or family. You need to invest more energy and impatience to overcome love and family problems. Some of you will be able to achieve love and luck in your personal life. The stars promise you many new experiences, and some representatives of the sign will find themselves in love triangles.

For many, changes in the home, renovation of the interior, purchase of new equipment, new furniture are forthcoming. In general, this will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Taurus – The motto of this month for you is “Hurry up slowly!”. All problems and difficulties will be completely solvable and simple. Success will be available only to the most persistent and calm Tauruses, dreaming of achieving their goal. The more patience and perseverance you show, the greater the reward for your work. Laziness will become a major obstacle to the implementation of plans.

You will be faced with the need to communicate with a large number of people. You may even have the opportunity to act as an “arbiter” – to resolve a conflict that will arise between two friends or colleagues.

July will be busy. Sometimes intuition will tell you the best solution, even if your mind protests against it. The financial situation will not be the most stable for most representatives of the brand. The first half of the month is an unfavorable period for most of you, because you will have to deal with the financial and material aspects of life. However, your ingenuity can be very clear and this will help you not only in the professional sphere, but also to get out of difficult situations.

You should not make risky transactions or reckless actions this month. All problems will be solved in a standard way, otherwise you risk only complicating the situation. You should not be overly emotional. You will have many opportunities to prove yourself. The stars will require from you not only initiative, but also serious choices and responsible decisions in life. Representatives of this sign may face a dilemma: to succumb to feelings or reason. There will be a pleasant period in life, calm and happy, but be prepared for the fact that you will have to be active and careful. You will have to show initiative in love, not expect it only from your loved one.

Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs

Gemini – In June there will be a completely new and pleasant period in your life. You will be satisfied with the surprises that life presents to you and happy because you will be luckier than you expected. Now the main thing is to be patient and focus on achieving your goals, directing energy in the work process. Now is definitely not the time to be shy! There are many opportunities to get closer to a specific achievement.

With regard to money, delays are possible. But there will be an opportunity to win. Refrain from conducting advertising campaigns, important negotiations, changing jobs, concluding deals, financial investments or starting a new business. And also – do not rush things.

Beware of reckless actions and hasty words. You can destroy your own happiness and prosperity if you behave too emotionally and recklessly, especially in relationships with superiors or relatives. You have to be careful in your own desires! If you do not control your own motives, the consequences can be catastrophic. For example, this could be the loss of a friend or the breakup of a loved one. In short, try to control yourself.

The retrograde Venus that is in your sign will not return to direct motion until June 25th. Until then, you should refrain from serious decisions and changes in your personal life, whether it is a divorce or a move to a loved one. When Venus leaves the retrograde phase, you may regret your decisions. Hasty decisions can also provoke a family conflict or a quarrel with a loved one. Show your love more often and notice how things will change for the better.

Crab – The month of June is full of many positive changes for you. So you need to be optimistic about the future and forget the bitter moments of the past that can still make you suffer. This month can give a whole new direction to your life and work.

On the 5th, the Full Moon comes with a partial eclipse of the Moon, and since she is your ruler, the energy of this eclipse will greatly affect you. It can affect your health and professional life and you can experience destabilizing moments that make you very vulnerable and sensitive to the outside world.

Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs

Aspects of Mars will charge you with energy, but they will also make you live with such intensity that at times you feel that you need more peace. Beware of sudden movements and poor quality food. Do not make real estate transactions and do not take large debts, otherwise you will face difficulties.

In relationships with acquaintances, a completely unexpected turn can occur. You may find that some of them have only pretended to be your friends, but are in fact dishonest and hypocritical. But do not rush to spoil your relationship with anyone: it is possible just to misunderstand the situation.

The main obstacle to success this month can only be your own indecision and pessimism. Do not succumb to a negative mood. June prepares for you an interesting and completely new period of time, if you show character and do not succumb to laziness, negative emotions and feelings. It is time to overcome your fears and face the future with enthusiasm, but be very careful if you have to make a decision.

During the third ten days of the month, the Sun will move in your sign and Venus will form a positive aspect to Saturn, then you will be able to solve most problems. And in general, the time will come for new achievements. On the 21st, the New Moon in your sign comes with a ring-like eclipse of the Sun. You will feel that his energy renews you and brings new things in your life.

Leo – The first month of summer will open new opportunities for you. Eventually, there will be prerequisites for career growth, but it is quite likely that there will be obstacles that can hinder the rapid achievement of your goal.

In early June, Mercury will make a sextile with Uranus passing through your work and career sector and allow you to implement new methods of work, as well as develop new ideas that will bring you more success and better profits. The sun will make a square with Mars and Neptune, which will bring you difficulties in dealing with bosses. Mercury will begin a retrograde motion on June 18 and will bring you difficulties in the form of intensified work intrigues and various secret actions that will hinder your progress in the development of the planned goals.

Try to find time for more rest so that your body can relax. Avoid driving while intoxicated and at high speeds. During the second half of the month, the risk of injuries and accidents increases, so be careful. Do not stay long in the sun or in a solarium: your skin may become particularly sensitive to light exposure.

Your mood in June will be bright, positive, as many interesting and pleasant things will happen. Not only will you be able to cope with the difficulties, but you will succeed in a short time if you make every effort and become active and determined. But real success awaits you in your personal life. During the month, it is appropriate to focus on resolving what is bothering you in your relationship with your loved one. Try to improve communication with each other and trust each other more.

In June, the stars promise you a pleasant period of time in which you can prove yourself in the best possible way, both at work and in love.

Virgo – Your life in June will become calmer than before, because you can choose a new direction. You can complete some tasks in a short time, others will require patience. However, do not rush to quick decisions: in your situation, not everything will be as simple as you thought before. Disagreements over the distribution of responsibilities and finances in joint projects will lead to difficult progress and delays in planned work tasks. On the other hand, you will be able to start an important project that will be supported by your superiors and that will influence your career progress. Mercury will begin a retrograde motion on June 18 and will lead to difficulties in coordination with collaborators. Misunderstandings and delays await you in this area.

You will be attracted to a person who will soon be completely different from your first impression of him. It will be more difficult than usual to maintain friendly relations with others, and some friendships may fall apart. Beware of gossip and intrigue, try to limit your irony and sharpness.

In the first half of June, the Sun will square Mars and Neptune passing through your field of love, which will lead to mistrust between you and your partner. You will be too committed to your goals and will often come into conflict with your loved one because of it. The union of Mars with Neptune will lead to the necessary changes and improvements. In the second half of June, Mars will make a sextile with Jupiter, which rules your field of love. This will bring more joy and fun in your relationship with your loved one.

Your health will be stable, but it is important to move more. Whenever you can, go on an excursion or walk in nature. You should exercise every day, especially for your back, neck and shoulders. Your diet should include foods full of vitamins.

Libra – This month you will not be bored at all … New emotions are waiting for you, which will make you see life with different eyes and at any time you will need the support of the people you love and who are your refuge.

Mercury will begin a retrograde movement in your sector of work on June 18 and will bring you delays in deliveries, deliveries, misunderstandings with staff, colleagues, associates and business partners, which will significantly slow you down in the planned tasks. The situation in the workplace will be tense. Keep in mind that they are watching you carefully and appreciating you. Be punctual and meet deadlines. The slightest mistake can cost you dearly. In June, participation in financial transactions, investing money and other financial transactions was not welcome. It is undesirable to buy expensive things.

This month comes with two eclipses – lunar (June 5) and solar (June 21). Remember that you should not take unnecessary risks both on the day of the eclipse and in the days before and after it.

The squaring of Venus with Mars at the beginning of the month will bring you more serious disagreements with your loved one. You will feel that you lack support and that you are constantly criticized by your partner. The loved one will resent and accuse you of being selfish and not wanting to adapt to his needs. There will also be manifestations of jealousy in some individual cases. In the second half of June, your relationship with your partner will become more stable, you will reach an understanding and you will encourage each other. The free representatives of the sign will be able to get acquainted through business (official) contacts.

The squaring of the Sun with Mars and Neptune passing through your health sector in the first ten days of June will bring a decline in immunity and a tendency to inflammation and allergies, as well as possible glandular disorders. In the second half of the month you will have a variation in blood pressure. Your diet should include foods that contain fiber for better digestion and vitamins.

Scorpio – In June you will be full of different ideas and aspirations that you want to quickly realize, however, on the way to achieving your own goals, you risk getting into unpleasant situations and encountering unexpected obstacles. Do not be upset if you fail to achieve your goal quickly: the stars promise you many pleasant opportunities and interesting events that will allow you to use the knowledge and skills to succeed. But before you reach it, you will have to show character, overcome some obstacles and difficulties. Someone will deliberately provoke you to harm or discredit you.

Situations completely foreign to you change your plans. But thanks to the good aspects that the planet Mercury does to you, you will have very clear ideas and you will not abandon your goals, even if they seem to be moving away. Some circumstances will prevent you from acting quickly and making a decision quickly. Learn to act actively and boldly move forward: at times, this may be the only right decision.

Some of you will be tempted to make risky investments that can end in loss. The sun will square with Mars and Neptune in early June, which warns you not to take any risks, especially financial. The merger of Mars with Neptune on June 13 will allow you to start a creative project that will bring you benefits. Mars will make a sextile with Pluto and Jupiter (18th and 20th), which will bring you progress in negotiations to fund priority work tasks. You will be able to achieve success in the field of communications and trade. Mars will enter the sign of Aries on June 28 and will motivate you to launch something new.

Stomach problems and indigestion are possible. It is necessary to take preventive measures to strengthen immunity.

Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs

Family members of the sign may encounter unexpected difficulties and obstacles in their personal lives. The square of Venus with Mars on June 3 will negatively affect your relationship with your partner, because it will cause jealousy and too much passion. You will often get into conflicts. The square of the Sun with Mars and Neptune will reveal some secrets that will lead to distance and mistrust between you and your loved one. Serious disagreements and even quarrels are possible, but then you will feel the romance and warming of the relationship again. Venus will go straight again on June 25 and you will slowly begin to resolve the difficulties that have hindered your relationship. You will find a way to restore the shaken trust. The first month of summer will be a pleasant and romantic month for you. You will experience pleasant emotions again.

Sagittarius – The month of June will be dynamic and fruitful for most of you, although you will encounter difficulties. Your superiors may put pressure on you to hurry up with your work tasks on time, while not providing you with the support you need. At times, it can become quite tense and therefore cause friction in your relationship. You will have to learn diplomacy and accept that your point of view is not the only right one.

Mercury will begin a retrograde motion on June 18 and will slow down and confuse your affairs. You are not recommended to undertake new projects, to implement new ideas, especially if they are innovative. Large purchases are also not recommended. You may have a delay in payments or increase the cost of repairing your home or car. It is unfavorable for judicial and legal actions, especially if they are related to financial resources. Listen more to your mind and do not blindly follow your emotions. Don’t give in to your impulses.

As the horoscope for June shows, it will be difficult for you to stick to the planned schedule or plan, as unforeseen situations are possible. You will probably want to improve or change something in your life or work. Focus your efforts on realizing your main dream!

Вашата чувствителност към стрес ще бъде повишена. Отделяйте повече време за почивка. Здравето ви ще се подобри и стабилизира през втората половина на юни, благодарение на превантивните мерки, които ще предприемете.

Любовният ви живот ще бъде вълнуващ и интересен. Меркурий ще направи секстил с Уран през първата половина на месеца и ще ви позволи да внесете нещо ново и качествено във връзката си с любимия човек. Свободните представители на знака пък с лекота ще печелят симпатиите на околните със своята естествена харизма. Приятел ще ви запознае с някой, който ще привлече силно вашето внимание. В живота на някои от вас може да се появят бивши любими. Служебните флиртове може да не се развият в добра посока и да донесат неприятности.

Обърнете страницата и започнете нова глава в живота си!

Козирог–Който се озове на една и съща писта с вас през месец юни, когато става въпрос за работа, едва ли ще може да поддържа същия темп. През първия летен месец на годината ще покажете невероятна сила и издръжливост. Ще поемете много отговорности и успешно ще ги доведете до края. Успехът ви ще бъде особено забележим през втората половина на месеца.

В началото на юни недоволството, което се натрупва у вас от дълго време, може да кулминира. Много хора, родени под знака на Козирог, не са били доволни от работата си, заплатата и биха искали да променят нещо. Това обаче в никакъв случай не е благоприятен период за подобни неща. Най-важното е, че ще имате повече енергия и че ще намерите сили да търсите изход. Идеалният момент е да се посветите на търсенето на нова работа и в края на юни можете да получите оферта за работа чрез познат, който ще ви препоръча. Като цяло сега звездите работят във ваша полза по този въпрос.

Седмичен хороскоп от 18 до 24 май

Към средата на месеца мнозина Козирози ще се почувстват уморени, както психически, така и физически. Освен това, което не е характерно за вас е, че по някакъв начин ще загубите волята да упорствате в това, което сте си поставили за цел. Важно е да намерите сила и мотивация и да останете фокусирани. Не позволявайте на духа ви да се сломи.

Звездите ще бъдат на ваша страна и когато става дума за любов. Просто трябва да се отпуснете. Ще бъдете привлечени от човек, който ще събуди скрити страсти у вас, но няма да стигнете по-далеч от това. Ще се впуснете в приключение, което ще бъде кратко, но вълнуващо. Ако сте в дългосрочна връзка, не се изненадвайте, ако партньорът ви предложи да заживеете заедно!

Месец юни ще бъде доста важен и успешен, когато става дума за любов. Много е възможно да започнете да харесвате и дори да се влюбите в някой, с когото работите. Важното е да не бързате с нищо и да не проявявате прекалена инициатива от ваша страна. Вижте как стоят нещата с този човек и изчакайте известно време. Юни не е подходящ момент да се втурнете в нови любовни отношения.

Водолей – Началото на месеца не е много добро за вас, но от втората седмица ще имате възможност за несравнимо по-голямо емоционално удовлетворение. Меркурий ще започне ретроградно движение на 18 юни и ще ви забави в разработването на планираните задачи. Квадратурите на Слънцето с Марс и Нептун ще ви затруднят, защото ще предизвикат различни съмнения и недоверие. Проблеми са възможни от хора, от които очаквате някаква помощ или които са влиятелни и са на важна позиция. Ще бъдете предразположени към рисковани инвестиции, които би било препоръчително да избягвате, защото може да понесете загуби.

Основен проблем, особено в средата на юни е комуникацията с началниците. Сякаш ще говорите на различни езици. Ще срещнете несъгласие и неодобрение на вашите идеи. Може да ви е особено трудно да реализирате идеите си и да бъдете приети от другите, от които решенията зависят. Това, което е необходимо, е да пуснете топката и да броите до десет, защото в крайна сметка светът няма да спре, ако някои от вашите предложения не бъдат приети. Трябва да сте спокойни и да не приемате лично това. В крайна сметка, фактът, че вашата идея не е приета, все още не означава, че правото ви на мнение е било оспорено. Като цяло, опитайте се да имате възможно най-малко емоции, когато става въпрос за работа. Ще имате чувството, особено през втората половина на месеца, че се борите с вятърни мелници. Внимавайте с кого общувате и на кого имате доверие, защото може да имате проблеми с натрапчиви и злонамерени хора.

В любовната връзка нещата ще са много по-добри. С партньора си ще бъдете в романтичен и спокоен период. Сега е подходящото време, например, да отпътувате някъде през някой уикенд и да се опитате да прекарате възможно най-качествено време с любимия човек. Старите страсти ще се събудят и ако в предишния период сте били измъчвани от някои съмнения, сега е моментът да ги премахнете.

Вашето здраве ще бъде сравнително добро, но се пазете от хронични заболявания. Възможни проблеми с костите, бъдете по-внимателни и отделете внимание и време на тялото си.

Риби – През юни няма да ви е лесно, но можете да го изживеете с голяма полза за себе си и да станете победители. Планетата Марс, преминаваща през вашия знак до края на месеца, ще ви изпълни с енергия и здрава амбиция, която ще ви накара да повярвате, че можете да се справите с всичко. Вашите идеи ще бъдат приети  и ви очаква напредък. Квадратурата на Слънцето с Марс и Нептун в началото на месеца ще ви донесе разногласия с някои хора по отношение на начина на правене на нещата. Меркурий ще започне ретроградно движение на 18 юни и ще ви донесе разсейване, закъснения, объркване и недоразумения.Чувството на недоволство може да доминира при някои, защото ще смятат, че никой не цени тяхната работа.

Първата половина на юни ви носи нестабилно здраве поради квадратурата на Слънцето с Марс и Нептун. Ще бъдете предразположени към възпаление и алергични реакции. Внимавайте, когато боравите с остри предмети, тъй като може да се нараните. Не се отнасяйте с пренебрежение, ако почувствате здравословни проблеми и се обадете на вашия лекар.

При тези, които имат проблемни връзка, ще почувстват, че  партньорът им се дистанцира от тях. Втората половина на месеца е подходящ момент да поговорите открито с любимия човек за всичко, което ви притеснява и най-накрая да намерите компромис по отношение на всички разногласия, с които сте се сблъсквали в предишния период.

За останалите – секстилът на Меркурий с Уран през първата десетдневка на юни ще ви позволи да внесете нещо ново във връзката си с любимия човек, което ще подобри качеството на вашите отношения. Партньорът/ката ви ще насърчи вашите творчески идеи и ще ви даде подкрепа във всичко. Ретроградният Меркурий след 18 юни може да внесе недоразумения във връзката ви. Трябва да поработите върху решаването на това, което ви притеснява в отношенията.

Свободните Риби чрез общ приятел могат да осъществят неочаквано запознанство с човек, който ще се различава по своите качества от повечето хора и ще ви спечели с интелигентността и комуникативните си умения. Това е човек, който е много креативен, пълен с идеи, иновативен и който ще може да ви изслуша, вдъхнови и да ви бъде от полза.

Седмичен хороскоп за всички зодии

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