Horeca Vlaanderen: “If we do nothing, more than 20,000 …


Now that the Dutch catering industry opens again on 1 June, the pressure in Flanders is also increasing. Horeca Flanders urges clarity for the more than 60,000 catering entrepreneurs. “It really has to be this week,” said CEO Matthias De Caluwe in De Zondag. “If we do nothing, more than 20,000 jobs will be gone.” VISITFLANDERS joins the appeal of Horeca Flanders.

The next National Security Council is scheduled for June 3, but waiting until then is not an option, according to De Caluwe. “The time between a decision that day and a possible opening from June 8 is simply too short.”

Earlier it appeared that the loss of turnover for the catering industry due to the lockdown until June 8 was approximately 3.9 billion euros. In the meantime, a survey also shows that six out of ten catering entrepreneurs fear that they will have to fire employees this year. “Our sector was already struggling before the corona crisis. Without a package of additional support measures, the consequences are immense ”, says De Caluwe.

“We will explain several scenarios in Parliament on Tuesday. It is simple: if we do nothing, between 20,000 and 36,000 jobs will be lost in the coming twelve months, ”warns the CEO of Horeca Flanders.

VISITFLANDERS joins in: “If we want to restart touristy Flanders on 8 June, it will be too late to announce on 3 June,” says CEO Peter De Wilde of VISITFLANDERS. “Our tourism industry is all set to restart, and that perspective of reopening on June 8 is always required. We want clarity about that date in the coming week. ”

Matthias De Caluwe


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