Horeca Flanders: “More clarity is needed quickly about reopening because catering must be able to prepare”


Because the catering industry needs time to prepare everything properly, it sounds. “If you have to take certain safety measures, such as providing handles or redesigning things, you need time for that,” says De Caluwe. “Even having tapping installations cleaned, for example, or placing orders with breweries does not work in a few days if the thousands of companies in the sector have to do that at the same time.”

Horeca Vlaanderen wants the safety measures to be economically feasible. In the Netherlands, for example, cases may only receive a maximum of 30 customers upon reopening. “We think that such a capacity limitation is difficult for our sector,” says De Caluwe. “If the measures prove not feasible for some operators, they should be able to continue using the aid.”

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