Hong Kong will be completely controlled; China announces new legislation overseas, including India


BEIJING: China is seeking new legislation to curb Hong Kong’s conflict with state law. International media has indicated that the decision will be taken at the weekly People’s Communist Party meeting.

China’s foreign ministry has given the world countries, including India, the reasons why Hong Kong should be regulated and what the new legislation will mean. Over the past year, China has been waging a vigorous campaign against undue interference by citizens of Hong Kong and extraditing criminals to China. The Beijing administration, however, warned that the intervention and uprising of others in Hong Kong was a major threat to China’s national security.

The Hong Kong agitation, which has had a profound impact on foreign countries, including the United States, as a global trading center, has brought shame to China. Trump himself has criticized the Hong Kong city administration for its stubborn attitude towards China.

The United Nations has put pressure on the United Nations, including France, to maintain Hong Kong as a separate state. But the new law is only for the purpose of restricting people’s cohesion even in peace. Observers have warned that the imposition of the law is the same as in China.

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