Hitler’s favorite alligator VIDEO has died


The alligator Saturn from Mississippi, accused of being Hitler’s favorite, died at the age of 84 at the Moscow Zoo.

In the wild, alligators usually live up to 30-50 years.Saturn was born around 1936 in the United States. He was handed over to the Berlin Zoo, from where he escaped during the bombing on November 23, 1943. British soldiers discovered him in 1946 and handed him over to the USSR. He spent the next 74 years at the Moscow Zoo.

At one point, the legend gained popularity that in Germany Saturn did not live in the Berlin Zoo, but in Hitler’s personal collection, but there is no evidence for this claim.

“Saturn is an epoch for us. There is no exaggeration in this. He arrived after the victory and celebrated his 75th birthday with us. It is a great happiness that each of us was able to look into his eyes, just quietly to he is standing next to him. He has seen many of us as children. We hope we have not disappointed him, “said Moscow Zoo officials.

His team tried his best to court the elderly alligator and take care of him with great care. Viewers say that the alligator was picky about food, remembered those who regularly pampered him by throwing something at him, loved the massage with a brush, and if he did not like something, he was able to bite the metal hooks with which he feeds the food, and even the concrete decorations around.

The memory of Saturn will be immortalized in the Darwin Museum.

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