High military meeting; Kim tells the army to break the silence North Korea | Kim Jong Un


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who has been absent from public meetings and official meetings for three weeks, is now back in action. He convened a meeting of top military officials in the country and discussed nuclear weapons security, the country’s official news agency KCNA reported. KCNA said Kim had also suggested that different military units be deployed in North Korea’s strategic areas.

There were propaganda last month in which Kim died of poor health. But the last week of May, when he attended an event involving the opening of a fertilizer factory, was the end of speculation. For another 20 days, he was unaware. Meanwhile, KCNA reports that the Central Military Commission has convened a meeting. It should go ahead with the process of increasing the country’s nuclear arsenal. According to the report, Kim suggested that all the strategic military forces be prepared.

The meeting also discussed ways to counter the growing provocation from foreign powers. But the meeting did not specify. Kim’s decision comes at a time when negotiations over the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the US, are strained. US sanctions on North Korea are continuing. Kim has threatened to unveil a new tactical weapon for North Korea after talks failed.

He also withdrew from self-imposed restrictions on nuclear weapons and long-range missile tests. But there have been no significant threats on the part of North Korea except for the testing of some short-range missiles so far.

Meanwhile, South Korea claims that Kim fled the country in search of self-defense in the wake of the Kovid scandal. Kim has been in the public eye 17 times so far this year. Since taking office in 2011, Kim has attended public events more than 50 times in the same period every year.

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