Hifter: Every Turk on our lands and every mercenary is a legitimate target of the Libyan National Army


The commander-in-chief of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, called for targeting every Turkish and every mercenary on Libyan soil, considering that they are legitimate targets of the Libyan National Army, as he put it.

Hifter ordered both officers and commanders of all axes and soldiers to continue the fighting, saying, “You are fighting a holy war that is open on all fronts.”

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Ankara: Hifter’s attacks on Turkish interests will have serious consequences

He continued, during an audio recording directed at officers and soldiers of the General Command and carried by the Libyan Gateway to the Center, “You are fighting a comprehensive war in which there is nothing but victory, as we are used to in all our battles against terrorism.”

“We will fight and fight until we return the Turkish colonialist,” he added.

Haftar called on the officers and soldiers of the General Command to target all “every Baghi who trampled our land to occupy it and every mercenary and every traitor agent who sold the homeland to the colonizer and sided with the row of aggression,” noting that “a legitimate aim of your missile fire does not take you with mercy or compassion.”

Since April 2019, the Libyan National Army has been implementing a military operation to control Tripoli, the headquarters of the recognized National Accord government headed by Faiz al-Sarraj, which was formed under the political agreement.

The conflict escalated sharply in the past weeks, and heavy fighting took place on several fronts in the west of the country, despite urgent calls from the United Nations and relief organizations for a ceasefire to deal with the crisis of the “Corona” virus.

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