Hero is facing bankruptcy


Gerasim Georgiev-Gero is about to go bankrupt. The actor has been out of work since March 8, when all indoor scenes were closed. The man from Ruse, who in principle supports himself only thanks to his talent, after the introduction of the state of emergency turned out to have drastically reduced incomes. Moreover, due to the ban on gathering people, private parties and company celebrations, which supplemented his budget, also stopped, flagman.bg writes.

Thus, at one point, Gero found himself only on a modest salary from the theater and rare participations in “Masters of the Web”. Symbolic sums can in no way meet the needs of the family. That’s why everyone is currently relying on the salary of Gero’s wife, who is a sports reporter for a small TV station. Gerasim hopes the theaters will open soon so that he can return to his former way of life and, above all, be able to service his loans.

The man from Ruse still managed to reschedule the mortgage of the apartment, as well as the leasing of his car. Many other actors are in his position, but few managed to swallow their pride and share that they are doing very hard, writes Gallery. One of them was Hovhannes Torosyan, who honestly admitted that he and his wife, also an actress, could barely make ends meet. He was not even employed in any theater and had to borrow from friends.

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