Hero: Irtysh goes bankrupt because of bad management


Dimitar Dimitrov – Hero was very upset by the announced bankruptcy of Irtysh and told sports.kz who are to blame for this. Currently, the specialist is in charge of Beroe.

“It’s just awful. How can such news still be commented on? It’s a shame for Pavlodar and all of Kazakhstani football. Irtysh is a very titled team that has thousands of fans who suffer and enjoy it. I can’t believe that This is a result of the fact that there were people in the club who did not think about the team, but put their own interests above everything else.

Everyone is to blame for what happened – the club’s management. Leave the debts that are to me. Don’t even think about it (i.e. Irtysh had to pay 1.2 million euros to Dimitrov’s coaching staff), but just look at how much debt the club has accumulated in the last two years. This is terrible management! That’s why I was fired – because I didn’t want to take part in such scenes. I said that right away.

It is not a problem that the general sponsor has resigned. This is not serious. Irtysh had constant problems. There were times when we didn’t get paid for five or six months. That shows bad governance, “he added.

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Irtysh cannot fulfill its financial and sports obligations

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