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Shornur മുതിർന്ന The senior IPS officer of the state slept the day he retired. Jacob Thomas, a retired DGP of Metal Industries chairman and MD, was lying on the floor of his office in Shornur on the last day of his service. Jacob Thomas posted a picture of himself lying on the couch in the Metal Industries office room without a guest house.

Jacob Thomas wants to retire on Sunday even though it is a holiday. സ Civil Service – The Beginning and Sleep of the Last Day The image posted to the Shornur Metal Industries office in a few hours went viral within hours. Jacob Thomas steps into the office on Saturday, the last working day, without the departure of his colleagues.

Jacob Thomas was in charge of Metal Industries with a politically motivated statement that even cutting the 101 would cause irreparable sickle and knife. Suspended as Vigilance Director. The appointment was made when he returned to service with the order of the Administrative Tribunal. It was a position not held by IAS and IPS officials until then. He responded that it was the policy of the government to make Metal Industries Ltd MD’s post as the state vigilance chief.

Though he has only been to the office three or four times, he has attracted the attention of a product called ‘Parashurama’. Jacob Thomas, who said he could only change himself for the purpose of sharpening a knife, remained in office until the day he retired, but was granted a court order to continue the vigilance case the day before he retired. The high court verdicts that there is a prima facie case, according to the prosecution’s filing, in the case of illegal purchase of land at Rajapalya in Tamil Nadu.

The High Court did not stay the case. The vigilance explanation should be given within a month. The petition was moved to July. The evidence was presented by the government. The government said it had identified the name of Thomas Thomas and did not obtain permission or disclose the source. It was argued that the land would have been handed over to Isra Agrotek. Justice V. Scherzi has filed a petition alleging that the process of overturning the unauthorized property registration alleging that he and his wife did not include the property in the annual property report.

English summary: DGP Jacob Thomas retired from service, photo posted in Facebook

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