Hell in bTV! They crushed Sasho Kadev with a young mistress


The host of the show “Before noon” Alexander Kadiev spins two women – Weekend newspaper writes. Apart from his official partner Tanya Toncheva, with whom he has been together for 9 years, the actor has had a mistress for some time. The rumors that have been circulating in the art community for a long time have been confirmed days ago. Kadiev was photographed by paparazzi with a young brunette, she is famous in public, with whom they even kissed – the publication notes.

Last weekend, Kateto Euro’s son appeared in the capital’s South Park with a beautiful lady. They settled in the garden of a popular restaurant, choosing a table that was more secluded. At first glance, the couple did not look so suspicious – the beauty could easily pass for his girlfriend or just a colleague from the theater.

The host and his companion are certainly more than good friends and this is evident in their gestures and intimate communication. Sasho Kadiev constantly took care of the brunette, and when the weather cooled down, he asked the waiter for a blanket and carefully covered her with a warm blanket.

According to Kadiev, his romantic feelings for his wife Tanya are long gone. Acquaintances say that lately their relationship has been strengthened only because of their 5-year-old daughter.

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