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LONDON തോ As pressure and protest mounted, the government decided to withdraw the health surcharge imposed on doctors, nurses and carers in the NHS. The Prime Minister had told parliament yesterday that the surcharge would not be withdrawn.

But the decision was taken yesterday afternoon after opposition from the ruling MPs. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said the Home Office and the Health Ministry had been instructed to take immediate steps to withdraw the surcharge.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament on Wednesday that the UK’s £ 100m health surcharge will be retained by Britain’s foreign nurses and doctors. The Prime Minister replied to the question of Leader of the Opposition Kair Stammer that there was no other source to find the amount.

When Corona swept across the country, it was foreign nurses and doctors. Many foreign nurses, doctors and carers lost their lives in this struggle. Home Secretary Pretty Patel himself said during a regular coronation briefing that he would review the health surcharge two weeks ago.

Thousands of migrant workers, including Malayalees, heard the news with relief. Later, the opposition came out against the Prime Minister saying it was not possible.

The surcharge is charged from migrant workers for using the NHS’s health service. Nurses and doctors from outside the EU currently pay £ 400 a year in healthcare surcharges. It was also announced in the last budget to raise £ 624 from October.

A four-member nurse will be charged £ 1,600 at the current rate and £ 2,500 at the revised rate. Avoiding this would be a huge relief for new hires, including those from India. Nurses and junior doctors who are paid only up to a maximum of £ 25,000 now suffer from a large surcharge.

There are currently one million and fifty three thousand migrant workers in the UK paying the surcharge until the visa expires. The vast majority of these are doctors and nurses working in the health sector. This amount is in addition to the income tax including National Insurance. The government started charging the health surcharge in 2015. Despite the exclusion of health workers, the three hundred pound surcharge imposed on those who enter the Student Visa and the Youth Mobility Scheme will continue.

338 people died yesterday

A total of 338 people died of Kovid yesterday in various hospitals and nursing homes across the UK. The total death toll was 36,042. A total of 128,340 people were screened in the country yesterday. So far, 30 lakh people have been tested. The government has set a target of 2 lakh tests daily by the end of this month.

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