Hassan Hosni’s son reveals the truth about his father’s will … Video


The son of the late Egyptian artist, Hassan Hosni, revealed his father’s will, after his departure yesterday, Saturday, at the age of 88 after a heart attack.

Hisham Hassan said in a telephone interview with the program “Evening with Cleavage” on the Egyptian “Ten” satellite channel, that his father did not leave any will, because he considered the love of people as his true wealth.

He pointed out that the rumors of his death were annoying him a lot, and he felt that people were tired of his presence.

The sister and brother of Hassan Hosni revealed the details of the last moments of his life for the program “IT Arabia”, as they indicated that he felt pain in his chest on Friday, then he was transferred to “Dar Al Fouad” hospital for a heart catheterization, but he died 5 hours later.

The Egyptian Actors Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, affirmed that there will be no consolation for Hassan Hosni, as part of the precautionary measures against the new “Corona” virus and the implementation of the “social divergence” policy.

And announced the death of Hassan Hosni in the early hours of Saturday morning, after a sudden heart attack at the age of 88 years.

The late Representative Professions Syndicate, on its Facebook page, mourned, Azzouz Adel, a member of the Representative Professions Syndicate’s board of directors, wrote: “The Representative Professions Syndicate mourns the death of the great artist, Hassan Hosni, may God have mercy on the deceased and inspire his family and fans to be patient and patient.”

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