Hamidati reveals the reason for refusing to receive the Qatari Foreign Minister in Sudan


The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan and the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo “Hamidati”, confirmed on Sunday that there are no differences between Sudan and Qatar.

                    Sputnik. Ramil Sitdikov

Qatar makes new statements about the situation in Sudan

In an interview with “Sudanese 24” channel, Hamiditi said that the Qatari foreign minister arrived in Khartoum after the change in April 2019, without the knowledge of the Military Council, and so we refused to receive him.

The commander of the Rapid Support Forces pointed out that “some parties wanted to embarrass the Military Council in the presence of the Qatari Minister without the knowledge of the Council.”

The Vice-Chairman of the Sudanese Military Council said recently that “boycotting Qatar for the first time, and not receiving them (Qataris) is a mistake, and that they are supposed to receive and accept them as others.”

On April 11, the Sudanese army removed Omar Al-Bashir from the presidency after 3 decades of his rule in the country, in the wake of continuous popular protests since the end of last year.

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