“Haga Lyceum intercepted confidential interviews with the Education Inspectorate” Inland


NRC reports this, which claims to have one of the recordings and to have established its authenticity. The newspaper states that four sources around the Islamic high school confirm this who have seen the eavesdropping equipment or heard the covert recordings from the office.

According to the sources, school director Soner Atasoy kept an eye on what the inspection investigation focused on and what Haga employees said about him and the school. The Education Inspectorate says that during the investigation last year, it got ‘suspicions’ that the room was being tapped. After that, inspectors would have slightly adjusted their working methods at the Haga.

“USB stick received”

Atasoy denies that he has made covert recordings of inspection interviews, but acknowledges having them. “I got that on a USB stick,” he says. “I don’t know from whom.”

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