Haarlemmers happy with opening Hema outlet in former Hudso …


He needs a wallet. Willem Hogendorp (71) is the first customer for the Haarlem Hema Outlet at the Verwulft on Friday morning. Not because the store is new, but simply because its old purse is worn out.
The white and red balloons are festively placed next to the main entrance to the former Hudson’s Bay. The sidewalk is swept quickly. The last markings pasted on the ground. Just in time for the first visitors to register.

The line for the Hema Outlet is growing steadily. Lilian waits behind Hogendorp with a coffee in hand until the doors open. “I have three boys, so I hope to score children’s clothes. It’s only open one day, right? ” The visitor behind her shakes his head. “No, they have a six-month contract.”


Lilian knows that many ideas about the building have circulated. “There was also talk of the library coming here. Fortunately that did not happen. The public function of the current library would then be lost if they had built houses there. ” However, she is happy that there is now commotion in the old V&D, because that is how it is engraved in her memory. “At the V&D, I used to buy my school supplies as a child. Notebooks and agendas. ”

Linde (11), who is also in line with her mother, recognizes that from Hema. “School diaries always run until the summer holidays, so I’ve already looked at a new agenda.” She is a real Hema fan and can’t wait to sniff through all the stuff. On the site she has seen a nice beach towel, where she already sees herself lying on. She also regularly poke around in the Hudson’s Bay, but the Hema is still more attractive.

And then it is ten o’clock and the doors of the first Haarlem Hema Outlet open. Employees welcome visitors and are ready with a shopping basket. Fifty people are allowed in the store. There are racks full of clothes on the ground floor. From children’s clothes to coats. From block notes to stickers.


“These are products from last year’s collection and items that we are now selling,” says store manager Mindy van der Ahé. “Everything is well priced. We expect many customers. ” They worked hard to transform the ground floor of Hudson’s Bay into an outlet. It came about within two weeks.

Aniek Visser, branch manager in Schalkwijk, and closely involved in the development of the outlet also thinks it will be busy. “Extra security guards have even been recruited. We have flown a lot and also because of the reports in the newspaper we think that many people come to take a look. ”

The branch managers note that the walking space between the clothes racks and baskets of belongings has been carefully measured. “Everything is spacious so that customers can shop safely.”

Hogendorp, the first visitor of the day, walks outside again at the exit. He enthusiastically waves his new wallet. “Success and also for a nice price.”

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