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The son of the legend of Levski Georgi Asparuhov-Gundi – Andrey Asparuhov posted an emotional post on his Facebook profile on the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the club. In it, he called on the “blue” fans on the eve of the club’s holiday – May 24 – each of them to ask “What is Levski for me?”.

Here is his appeal and what Andrei Asparuhov wrote:

On the eve of the 106th anniversary, I asked myself, what is “Levski” for me?
The answer was not so easy. However, one of the phrases stood out –
“Levski” is an idea!
Really, how simply put – Idea ….
The words are of Richard Ezra, one of the many intellectuals who saw in “Levski” something more than a club.
During these 106 years, no one cared whether the name was changed or whether success was not expected. Wins and losses are a measure of ordinary teams. Ours is not ordinary, because it is named after the “Apostle”, and this is somehow obligatory. Our audience over the years has shown that watching a match of “Levski” is a privilege, and even to fall 6: 1 to Gerena, to have the strength to shout “But what did Patrata do to them”!
There are no other teams in our country, created in a garden, by enthusiastic boys who have fans in every corner of Bulgaria! This is the recognition that we must remember and keep in the next difficult times!
A recognition to which a galaxy of talents with blue T-shirts have contributed.
The present is the most difficult. Divided and insecure, but still with the common love – “Levski”!
I hope that, on the eve of the anniversary, everyone will take a minute and ask themselves the same question: What is “Levski” for me? The answer will help us find the right path, and get out of these difficult times. In fact, as we have been doing for 106 years ….

Happy holiday!”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the club, Levski organized a special event, which will be broadcast online on May 24 (Sunday) from 19:14. Fans have already bought the entire capacity of 17,800 seats at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium. Due to the huge interest, the “blues” released a new batch of tickets for the holiday.

Levski sold the stadium for May 24!

Levski to the fans: For the birthday we will thank you with something special

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